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Complete your IT team and project
with our developers and testers

An easy and effective on-demand talent leasing solution for improving development capacity or filling missing skill gaps.

Lease full lifecycle IT developers - individually or as a team

Backend developer

We have extensive experience in ASP.NET, C#, PHP (Laravel, Symfony, Drupal), Node.js, Scala and other programming languages. 

Frontend developer

Working on GUI, we mostly use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, AntDesign, Bootstrap, Webpack and other languages and tools. 


We design, build, implement and modify databases. In our projects we mostly use MySQL, Postgresql, Microsoft SQL, Oracle and other. 


Philosophy, practice, and tools that increases an organization's ability to deliver solutions. Docker, Swarm, Portainer, Jenkins and other tools are typically used.

Preferred tools

Wide range of on-point tools that help to deliver the best possible result, including GitLab, JIRA, Confluence, Mattermost and other.


Probably we know way more than we could call out here. Let us know your need and we will be on it.

Didn’t find the software development skills you are looking for?

Our team is constantly developing by learning new tools, methods, and programming languages. Additionally, our HR team can hire demanded top talents shortly upon your request and our consultants can always suggest the most suitable solution. The entire IT team can be offered upon request.

Lease software testers

Achieve excellence and numerous advantages of quality assurance (QA) testers. By leveraging their expertise, you can enhance software quality, ensure flawless functionality, and deliver impeccable user experience. Testers will design and run numerous test scenarios for software usability, which may uncover the system bugs and process issues and prepare reports on the effectiveness and defects for the production/development team.
Our testers can run software tests based on the scope and business requirements, monitor applications and software systems, carry out stress testing and conduct performance, functional and scalability testing. We write and execute manual and automated test scripts for different environments (mobile, web), review documentation, write bug reports, provide quality assurance and objective feedback to development teams and troubleshoot and solve problems.