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Don’t let IT product failures stop your business from achieving its goals

We offer a pool of IT talent for outsourced services. Lease on-demand developers, testers, and consultants to achieve your technological and business goals.

Request talent or team

An IT talent to start and complete your team or project

Lease developers

Our developers will complete your IT project, from analyzing requirements to deploying functioning products, including backend, frontend, and databases.

Lease testers

Our testers will enhance your software quality and ensure flawless functionality by uncovering the system bugs and providing feedback for a seamless experience.

Challenge our consultants

Whenever you are unsure or have doubts, our experienced consultants will help you find the most suitable solution for your business and IT needs.

Save time, reduce costs, and acquire missing skills quickly

Save time

The average recruitment process takes at least 2 to 3 weeks. It can slow down your project, the team, and even your business. A talent lease can be arranged within 2 to 3 days (depending on talent and skills availability).

Reduce costs

An employee's hourly rate is only one expense. Remember, employee hiring costs also include headhunting, training, HR operations, administration, equipment and license, office space, and more.

Acquire hard-to-get skills

We have a talent pool with the correct skill set for your project - from junior to experienced senior level. Your success is in our direct interest, so our consultant will help you to select the right talent.

Are you thinking of “what if”?

We believe in helping you achieve your business success through a partnership built on trust and integrity. That's why we will do our best to mitigate all "WHAT IFs," including, but not limited to, signing an NDA for protecting ideas and information from being stolen or shared with competitors or third parties. We will let you know about best practices on how to work with the body lease talent and we will follow up and fix any issues that may arise. Let us know your "WHAT IFs" and agree on the best cooperation model.

An international company

We are an internationally operating IT company based in one of the most digitally advanced and leading European countries, Latvia, with a support office in a well-known and fast-growing Uzbekistan "IT park."

We help for your IT
Our success in numbers

Dedicated employees to deliver exceptional service for your needs.


On-point operating IT products delivering value to their users.


Years of operational experience in the IT industries.


Clients from public and private sectors across the group.

Are you looking for an amazing job?

Up-to-date environment

We offer opportunities to work in an international environment on projects that make a difference. You can make a job change and come grow with our clients, company, and colleagues.

Job offers for any potential and interest

We are a fast-growing company with many open positions for talented people, whether you are a developer, a tester or someone with any other superpower. Browse vacancies and apply!