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We empower companies through IT development

We combine European excellence of service with a Central Asian work productivity to achieve the best outcome for any IT need across the globe.

Our digital story

We are an internationally operating information technology and business management consulting company, based in one of the most digitally advanced European countries - Latvia, with a support office in well-known and fast-growing Uzbekistan “IT park”. We started our business by specializing in serving customers such as public service providers, governmental organizations/institutions, and banking sector. This complex experience allowed us to expand internationally and diversify our portfolio. Software developer and tester outsource (Talent as a Service) is one of our newest business units that is rapidly accelerating its operations across the globe. While available freelancer services require quality improvement and permanence, we are combining our developers’ and testers’ expertise and know-how with the company’s cross-industry expertise delivering market-demanding alternatives. Our provided service is secure, transparent and easy to access by any organization.
Uzbek's IT park is the backbone of the Body Lease project. The goal of the ecosystem is to attract and train the best available IT-related talent and companies, and strengthen an entrepreneurial culture in one of the fastest-growing Central Asia economies, shifting export opportunities from neighboring countries to a global approach. Read more about the IT Park by clicking HERE.

Two locations, a diverse team, and global approach


Values that lead every project to success


We are an initiative-oriented company and always ready for new challenges. It is reflected in how we embrace initiative from within ourselves and with any stakeholder, recognizing and rewarding employees who demonstrate a proactive mindset, and creating an environment that fuels growth, motivation, engagement, and development.


We value each employee's ability to work individually and in teams that promote accountability and can define the goals and deliver the desired results. It can only be achieved with proactive work, open communication, active listening, and constructive feedback between our teammates, clients and partners.


We value the result of every on-point achievement we complete. We ensure that the outcome meets today's industry standards and is straight-forward for any professional. The achievement must fuel us as individuals, teams, partners, clients, or other stakeholders and bring us to new initiatives and challenges.